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P.L.R Stock

P.L.R Stock

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P.L.R- Precision Long Range Rifle Stock

Working together with few Long-Range shooters we designed this stock for one reason in mind and that is for Long Range Precision Shooting. 

With a Flat for end that can be made up to 14 inches long that is parallel with the rear bag riding area, provides shooters with a very stable platform that recoils straight with very little muzzle jump which allows for spotting shots in their scopes and allowing for quick follow up shots.

Options include. 

Mlok rails on the bottom of the fore end to mount accessories and any equipment or accessories

100% made out of fiberglass this stock comes standard with a bedding block with pillars, that provides ease of fitment.

Although we strive to manufacture a product that is a drop-in fitment, we have encountered that not all actions are created equal and the same so there are some instances that glass bedding would result in a better fitment between action and stock and increase accuracy.

Inletting Options.

Howa 1500 long and short and mini actions

Tikka T3 long and short actions

Remington 700 long and short actions

RSA Lyttelton single shot and mag fed.

K98 footprints

Sako L579

Sako L61R

Other custom inlets are optional.

Weight is dependent on inletting, stock length and add-ons.


Extra Options to have the following items built into your stock.

250mm Mlok rail - R1325

Swivel studs - R140

Colours and Finnish.

We are not limited to certain colours as we mix our own coatings to do colour matching to the client's specifications and needs. Some camouflage patterns are also available. So, if you are creative let us know what you have in mind, and we will do our best to assist.

Lead time dependent on backlog and may vary from time to time.

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