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Raptor Tuner

Raptor Tuner

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The Raptor tuner has been developed to add even more performance to our Raptor muzzle brakes. Tuners are used to control and manipulate barrel harmonics, also sometimes called barrel whip.

By adjusting the tuner in small increments, you can set exactly at which point the bullet leaves the muzzle. The idea is to have the bullet leave the muzzle when there is minimal movement in the barrel, thus decreasing the unpredictability that a whipping barrel will have on group size.

Tuners can be used to "tune" your rifle to shoot factory reloads more precisely or tune exciting reloads to shoot even tighter

Included in the Tuner is the Tuner Body & the Insert.

The Raptor Tuners can accommodate barrels up to 25.4mm (1").

The Raptor tuners were designed to work with APW Raptor Brakes. It is however possible to use with other brands as long as the nut on the rear of the muzzle device fits inside the tuner body.Standard Tuner (4/5 Port Raptors) = 27.5mm. Large (Monster) = 33mm.

Disclaimer - While the Large tuner does fit our Warbird Silencers, it does add an additional adapter and increases the risk significantly of having a baffle strike and ruining your silencer. While we do our best to ensure the threads are 100% square, the smallest mis-alignment can result in a large internal error prior to the bullet exiting your silencer. You must have your alignment checked by a gunsmith prior to fitting a Tuner behind a silencer. Our recommendation is not to use the tuner with large Hunter/Magnum version of the Warbird.

We accept no responsibility for damage caused by improper alignment.

Delivery time may be delayed due to production backlog

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