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Availible in two configurations: 




Match - Short and sweet, this is the WARBIRDS most compact package. This takes the snap out of the recoil and the concussive blast, yet short enough to manouver in and out of positions with ease.

160mm, 550g



Hunter - Bigger is better when it comes to reducing the recoil profile, the Hunter give you maximum sound & recoil reduction due to its bigger volume and increase in internal baffels.

200mm, 635g



Hunter (Magnum) - Our Hunter Magnum is designed for the competition shooter shooting larger magnum rounds and features full stainless steel internals.



Both the Match and Hunter configirations ship with two end caps. The standard endcap will offer a better dB reduction while the muzzle brake cap will reduce recoil even further. 




The WARBIRD features our unmatched quality and performance that you've come to love in our other products, proudly manufactured and designed in South Africa.

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